Dating From A Point Of Absolute Friendship

It is preposterous to think that dating issues can be put aside while a woman and a man become just friends. The ranging debate between the two genders that God created is that, it is possible to have a friendship that does not pass the elbow. That man and women can be able to leave and stay side-by-side together as they discuss different issues, from the issues of politics, literature relationships and sex without reawakening any feelings.

It has been said that a woman and a man can just meet for lunch, dinner or coffee not to discuss about issues of love and dating, but to speak about the current political climate, about the kind of partners they are looking for other issues that do not include romance or any issue of a relationship against each other.

What many people, mostly women, are saying that it could happen. I tend to differ vehemently, because whoever came up with this idea was lacking in something to say. This is like saying man and woman can now begin to engage in dating relationships without falling in love or breaking up. It is a lack of respect to the human feelings to think that you can put a very beautiful woman with a shapely body and firm breasts and a handsome man, who is muscular at the same table to be friends without ending in bed or starting a dating relationship.

This is the worst of ideas that have been floated by men and women, as they try to after thousands of years to separate man and woman from their own inherent attraction. This is a superfluous assumption. It is like telling people to start having affairs with impunity and with no strings attached. Eve within the confines of Eden failed to keep the forbidden fruit between the center of her legs and made Adam to enjoy it. Adam did not seem to hate the affair but God was not amused. No wonder they were thrown away into the crazy world, where a granny is dating a fifteen year old or her grandson.

Yet someone has the audacity to state that two individuals, a man and woman can stay down somewhere for years and discuss everything else except dating each other or falling in love. It is very easy to gaze what would happen to the two individuals. The first time they meet they will keep the end of the bargain, and they would speak nothing about dating each other.

Nevertheless the second and the third meeting will make the two people close to each other to such that a forth meeting will be an official dating event, while any other meeting will be as a couple. It will is so possible to have the two individuals in bed sharing what Eve could not deny Adam, until they were thrown out of the Garden of plenty. You cannot keep a man and woman together at the same place and expect something holy to be brewed.

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