Perfectionism in erotic massage

Our studio provides different kinds of erotic massages – Tantra, Nuru, Opium, Shower massage, and etcetera. Our main rule is to make everything perfect and leave our clients satisfied. Erotic & Sensual Massage in Paris – Sweet Sensations will provide you a perfect service that will free your sexual energy and will help to control your body.

Why our massage is perfect

When performing an erotic massage, everything is important to the smallest detail: the general atmosphere, aromas, interior details, music and much more. We know that theory is nothing without experience. You can learn how to do erotic massage yourself by watching a video or reading the literature, but nothing will replace your experience. Thereby, our masseuses learn at special training and courses and have enough experience to provide high-quality services.

The secret of erotic massage is simple – do not miss important zones and find the most important for each “object”. Depending on the type of the massage, we can light the candles, turn off the lights, light the incense sticks, turn on the light music and etcetera. Before a massage, our customers can take a bath or shower. Hands of our masseuses are soft and warm so will never cause any discomfort.

What techniques we use

The usual massage includes stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration. Our erotic massage can also use some of these combinations, but at the same time the movements should be less active, and more similar to erotic petting.

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