Why Do Jerks Get The Hottest Women?

How the bad boys attract women
We’ve all got that one female friend whose boyfriend is a jerk. She harps about it constantly every time you speak to her. Today he did this, last night he did this, last week he didn’t call me, blah, blah, blah. This douche bag seems to find a new way to disrespect her every weekend, which means on Monday she’s always got something new to complain about.
And yet she never breaks up with him. Ever wonder what the f@#$ that’s all about?
It’s natural for a nice guy just learning how to attract women to be confused by such behavior, so let me lay it down for you. Nice guys are boring. And jerks, by contrast, are tremendously interesting.
Now, don’t get all huffy; I’m not saying that just because you’re a decent human being and your momma raised you right you have no personality. Nor, on the other hand, am I suggesting that you behave like a misogynist prick in order to attract women. I’m not talking about ethical qualities here, but attitude.
We’ll get into attitude in much greater depth in our Members’ Section. As you’ll come to find out, having the right attitude is absolutely critical in developing the ability to attract women. Now, if you approach a woman with the typical “nice guy” attitude–all smiles, cheerfulness, please-and-thank-you-ma’am–you’re going to bore her. There is a time and a place for perfect manners, and it’s not the club on a Friday night.
Manners, you have to understand, are part of normal, everyday behavior. Women meet hundreds of guys during the course of the week who behave with perfect manners, and in the social contexts in which women interact with these guys–as students, teachers, coworkers, employers, and so on–manners are not only acceptable, but quite important. The sheer fact, however, that they are so commonplace in women’s workaday lives makes them boring. And when women are looking for guys, they want excitement.
This is what helps bad boys attract so many women. They’re challenging. They’re rebellious. They’re maybe a little dangerous. They’re not normal or commonplace.
Now, let me reaffirm here that I’m not advocating true jerky behavior. Being a jerk has consequences, which can range from simple rejection to a prison sentence. Yes, some real cretins manage to land long-term relationships, but they are seldom healthy ones, either for themselves or their girlfriends. But you can take some of these aspects of bad boy behavior and use them in crafting your own dating persona without posing too much of a threat to anyone–except rival males. Be a little dangerous, a little rebellious. Be cocky and sarcastic. Give women a challenge, and–as we learned yesterday–whatever you do, don’t kiss up to them, or feed them any of this fake chivalry garbage. You’ll find that you can attract women a lot more easily by spicing up your routine with some bad boy flavor.
Want to learn more about building up your attitude and attracting women? Of course you do, and our Members’ Section is the place to do it. It’s got everything you need to learn how to pick up beautiful women–tips on attitude, self-confidence, conversation, and so much more. So what are you waiting for?

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