Why is Meeting Women So Tough on Some Guys?

Is there a particular reason meeting women is so hard on some men? It seems like these guys cannot get the woman they want despite trying out every single tip they know.
Could it be the things they were taught are wrong or they could just be doomed to be ignored by women all their lives? The latter is a dreadful scenario that is similar to death.
Meeting women is rather easy. In fact, a lot of guys meet random women who eventually become their dates. And these women were found on the streets! It is that easy.
There are several reasons for your difficulty in meeting girls. See if any of these applies to you.
You are not attractive enough
Girls do look at outside appearance. For her to feel any attraction, she must first be interested in your appearance. It does not mean you have to look like a Greek god. You need to be clean, decent, and presentable.
Start wearing clothes that highlight your frame. Choose colors that suit your skin. Get a new hairstyle. These things can make you more appealing.
You say the wrong things
It is important that you say the right things to a woman you have just met. It is possible that your pick up lines suck or offend them. Take the time to learn what things you should say to a woman.
You are not confident
Girls want confident men. They are drawn towards men who are unafraid, comfortable with themselves, and know how to take charge of things. Women will sense if you are not confident. That may be why they don’t waste their time on you.
Your personality sucks
Obviously, if you don’t have any personality or have one but it sucks, no girl is going to talk to you.
You don’t use your body language well
Body language play a very big role in flirting and meeting women. This is an aspect of communication that says a lot about how we truly feel. You can increase your chances of talking to a woman if you know how to utilize your body language.
She simply is not attracted to you
This is something you have no control over. If a woman does not like you, there is nothing you can do but to move on.

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