5 Flirty Ways to Get a Guy to Kiss You

Congratulations, girl! You and your hot date have been going out for the third time in a row now! Hes such a sweet guy with oozing sex appeal, too  lucky you! Also, were sure you ve already had your first kiss, right?

Wait, what?

Not yet? But its the third date, already, honey! When do you usually lean in for the win?

You mean he took you out three times already and yet he never made a move to kiss you?

Whats wrong? Did you smell bad? Were your lips cracked? Is he gay? If not, then, whats the big deal here?

Maybe the problem here is miscommunication. You might think that youve already dropped enough hints when he might think that you never gave him any push. Hey, you might think that youre already coming off as desperate when he thinks you dont like him!

How do you get a guy to kiss you without seeming so desperate? Here are 5 flirty tips to get your groove on:

The power of touch: He tells a joke? Laugh and playfully tap his shoulder. He teases you? Pout and gently touch his knee. Youre talking intimately? Touch his arm from time to time. He turns you on? Please resist groping him we dont want to seem so frustrated and scare him off!

The sensual smile: Smile  but dont smile like youre posing for a group picture! Think of saying My lips would like you now with a smile. Do this by looking up at him first. Stare into his eyes with sultry intensity  just like what you would look like if youre teasing him. Slowly, teasingly, give a coy smile. Hold that for five seconds. And then, look at his lips as an afterthought. Rehearse in front of the mirror, if you have to! It will be worth it.

Talk in private: Conversing in private means that his focus will be all about you. This means that he has a greater chance of understanding your hints. You can talk about anything when youre in private. It also means that you trust him enough to be alone with him. I mean, come on, trust is a huge turn-on! Be careful, though  we dont want you to lock yourself up with a guy only to find out he was an ex-convict!

Bring kissing into the conversation: You can do this by asking him what attracted him about you. Hed answer a charismatic reply (hopefully) and ask you in return. Youd say, I love your sense of humor and… tap his lips softly …and your soft lips! Smile sincerely and then talk about something else. Hed never forget what you did, trust us. Actions speak louder than words, remember?

Just go, girl: Oh, if youre already going home and he still hasnt made a move, you have two reasons: hes awfully shy or hes plain gay. Lean in smoothly and kiss him lightly. Draw back  you want him to make the next move. Smile that same coy smile we talked about.

If he kissed you, then, goal!


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