Approaching Women – Drunk

Learn To Approach When it comes to approaching women in a bar or club I put my success down to one key element, I can approach women when I am drunk but more importantly I can approach women sober with out pick up lines. When it comes to approaching women let’s be honest anybody can approach a beautiful girl drunk, and just like everybody else who approached her drunk you  can get shut down very quickly. Being able to approach women sober is extremely important if you want to have greater dating success.
Every Friday and Saturday night guys get themselves liquored up and try and hit on every girl they see trying to get into their pants. If they saw the same girl during the week and they were sober they wouldn’t have the confidence to say a word to her. Think about how many hours you spend in a bar or night club on the weekend. If you went out both Friday and Saturday night you might spend 5 hours each night out that a very small 10 hours compered to all the day light hours during the week. In other words if you are only approaching women drunk you are missing a lot of opportunities.
Approaching women especially in a bar or nightclub sober shows an air of confidence, you are not like every other guy in the place, who needs to be drunk to start talking to her.  When you approach a women sober you are much more likely to be able to control the conversation and the situation. Confidence is what attracts women to men.
For those of you who have worked with me or are on our mailing list you will already know that I believe approaching women is a skill and where to meet women, a skill that can be taught. Now think about it like this, what other skill did you learn drunk?  I would guess none, if you really want to get better at approaching women learn to approach sober I will guarantee that your success rate will sky rocket.
Now I am not saying that if you are at a bar or a club you should be stone cold sober, by all means have a drink or two if that helps you to loosen up, just don’t start approaching after 9 or 10 drinks.
If you are the kind of guy who is reading a blog like this, it would seem to me you are looking for an advantage over the other 98% of guys out there who are doing the same old thing. So here it is start approaching women sober and pay attention to her eyes and dont try and impress her. Also dont use pick up lines.
Anything’s Possible
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