Dating Tips for Women – Do You Know How to Make Him Want You?

Have you ever had this happen to you? You meet a man, everything seems to be clicking, and you know deep down inside that you want him. You want him as more than a friend, you want him to be the guy you snuggle with at night, the guy you hit the town with on the weekend. You are desperate to find a way to make him want you, but for some reason, your mind is drawing a blank. Why is this happening? You usually have no problems with flirting with a guy and yet, with this guy… it’s just not happening.

If you have ever been in that situation, then you know that it is no fun. It’s not only a little nerve racking, it kind of makes you question whether or not you really know men the way that you think you do. If something like this or something similar to this kind of thing has happened to you and you did not know what to do to make him want you, then that is probably something that you want to get solved immediately.

It’s kind of funny how certain guys can make you feel that way. With some guys, it can be so easy to get him to the point where he is basically ready to eat out of the palm of your hand. Yet, with some guys, it can be almost painful to sit there, trapped inside your mind, trying to think of the right things to do and say to make him feel like he has to be with you.

Here’s a little advice that should help you out in those kinds of situations and make him want you:
When you are feeling that way, part of the ‘problem’ is that you really are attracted to him. Probably more so than most of the men that cross your path each and everyday. So, his opinion becomes really important to you. Maybe even a little too important. Instead of being natural and just being yourself which works pretty well, you end up trying to be a more perfect version of yourself and that ends up making things awkward and way more tense than it should be.

Remember, he’s just a guy and you are just a woman.

As good looking as he might be, as charming as he might be- he is still just a guy. Keep reminding yourself of that inside of your head as you sit there and try to be so perfect to impress him. You probably don’t have to do as much as you think you do. Really, to get a guy to want you, all you have to do is flirt with him in a way that drives him wild and leave him feeling like he has to see you again. Do that and you are going to win him over most of the time.

Another really important aspect of trying to make a man want you, is to give him the impression that he has to chase after you. Make it exciting for him so that he wants to chase you around. So that when he sees you, he can feel his heart racing. That is the state that you want him to be in if he is going to really desire to be with you.

It’s really not that hard to make him want you, as long as you know what really drives a man wild with desire…

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