Do You Have to Demonstrate Higher Value to a Woman?

If you have ever come across any pick up or PUA advice on how to attract women or how to get a girlfriend, then chances are… you are going to hear the term, «demonstrating higher value.» They also use the term DHV for short. Now, depending on where you look, you may very well get the impression that you absolutely must demonstrate higher value or a woman will never seriously look at you as «boyfriend material» or a guy she would hook up with. Is that the truth? Do you REALLY have to demonstrate higher value to a woman all of the time?

Here’s what happens when a guy hears that he has to DHV and takes it to heart:

Every single interaction that he has with women from that point on, he is always focused on being on a higher level than the woman is. Now, without the right approach to this… that can easily make you come off as cocky and arrogant… a horrible combination in most circumstances.

Here’s where the real harm gets done though. Instead of focusing on other things that create rapport,   attraction, and escalation… all he is thinking about is demonstrating higher value.

So, even though this is a good technique to use… quite often… it becomes the ONLY technique that he uses and he winds up failing miserably with most women. If all you do is DHV a woman, then you are ignoring all of the other things that really count.

It may work on very low self esteem women, if all you do is keep on proving how you have a higher social value than she does. However, any woman with a healthy level of self esteem, which are the ones worth dating, they need MORE than that. And too much of that becomes a turn off to them.

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Bad…

Yes, it is wise to demonstrate to a woman that you have a high social value. Thing is, it really does not have to be higher than HERS, it has to be higher than most of the average guys that she comes across and that’s it. That is all you need to do.

Next, you need to be working on escalation techniques. You need to work on creating rapport with a woman so that she feels very comfortable and at home being with you. Then you need to work those escalation techniques so that she imagines herself being in intimate situations with you. Do that… then you don’t have to worry about just how much you are demonstrating higher value… you will BE in bed with HER!

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