10 Warning Signs For Men Dating Rich Women Over 40

A younger man desires an older woman for her confident, grounded and mature lifestyle, which is missing in younger girls in their age bracket. On the other hand, a cougar looks for ambitious, attractive and attentive partners who are there for the long run. However, there are certain pitfalls that men need to keep in mind while dating rich women.
A cougar is often seen as a woman over thirty five, who is in active pursuit of younger and attractive men for satisfying them sexually. However, a lot of mature women have found long term satisfaction with their younger partners, sometimes even going on to marry. There are a few things to watch out for while you’re out with a rich cougar. Here are some of them;
It helps if you’re in your early twenties, because the chances of a wife at home and children will not weigh on her. You need to direct your energies towards the bed.
If you’re not willing to learn, then you’re in for a disappointing time, mature women like to share experiences about their life, and if you keep your ears open, you’ll learn a thing or two. This principle is applicable in the bedroom as well, and remember that she’s no the high school cheerleader whose bedroom you sneaked into while in college. Be willing to learn new tricks and appreciate them for enhancing your appetite.
You need to stay in good shape all the time, any signs of flab and she will be turned off for sure. She has had enough of flabby husbands.
You should be prepared for a short term relationship as cougars tend to move on from catch to catch. It’s their natural tendency and they do not owe any moral obligation towards you.
Dating women over 40 has the pitfall that your money will not match what she can spend or is expecting you to spend. This can lead to embarrassing moments. Rich women dating younger men usually tend to be sugar mommas, and foot the bill; however it doesn’t look seemly always.
When you are in a relationship with a cougar, word is bound to get around, and this can have a negative image on youth social image. However, this is applicable for both you as well as your cougar. You need to make sure that things are very discreet for the general good of all concerned including friends and family. There will be some light hearted gossip within friends but do not take it to heart. Think of it as a situation where you have the goods and they are just a tad envious.
The biological clock ticking away within your cougar will enhance her need and desires for reproduction as she approaches menopause. Be wary, because this will entail a lot of commitment, something that you may not be prepared for at that time. If she insists, I would suggest that you try and break off the relationship, since it was not built on love.